First Year EECS Projects @UC Berkeley

An 8-bit Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) in action.

CS 61A: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Autocorrect and typing test in action. The bold green texts show that is autocorrected, and red shows you need to manually configure it.
Some convoluted Scheme statements to show this compiler does work!

EECS 16A: Designing Information Devices and Systems I

The single-pixel camera captures information by masking each pixel and assembling the image after some linear algebra
Resistor-based touch screen vs Capacitor-based touch Screen
Left: We place a microphone surrounded by 6 speakers sending sound patterns and use some linear algebra magic to detect where the mic is.

CS 61B: Data Structures

Left: Me trying to solve the game via GUI (I am not really good). Right: The program shows the solution.
Left; A German Enigma machine, with rotors, lights, plugboards shown (Source: Wikipedia) Right: A set of rotor codes German Navy uses, which I used in my general purpose Enigma machine
Encrypt and Decrypt texts using my enigma program
Right: I got too lazy to play so I set my player to auto and beat the other AI.
Left: A simple demo showing its version control capability. Right: Gitlet architecture (Source CS 61B TA)

EECS 16B: Designing Information Devices and Systems II

Demo, Color Organ in Action!
Left: Our car circuitry with filters, motor controllers, encoders, voltage regulators. Right: Clustering voice commands in PCA space.
LTSpice simulation of our closed-loop LQR controller bringing motor under control even there was a model mismatch. Circuit blurred to prevent plagiarism.

Data 100: Principles and Techniques of Data Science

Distribution of inspection scores and restaurant risk levels over the years
Left: My design matrix with 518 features (that is a lot) and the resulting training and validation accuracies. Right: ROC curve to see the model performance.
An exchange between professors and students in Soda Hall basement, “Git some sleep!”, the picture was taken on Valentine’s Day

Key Takeaways from all those Projects:

Nothing feels better when you passed all the integration tests at your first try and you can go to sleep.
With my first semester course CS 61A professor John Denero; he gave us a sticker showing lambda after finals, showing how much he likes functional programming



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Simon Zirui Guo

Simon Zirui Guo


Accelerating Deep Tech | Robotics, Blockchain, Neurotech | EECS @UCBerkeley | Teaching @CalBlockchain, Director @BB_Xcelerator | prev @hax_co, @SOSV, @Interaxon