Observations and thoughts on BCIs & Neurotech

WaitbutWhy article on Neuralink, highly recommends it! (WaitbutWhy)
Left: UC Berkeley’s Neural Dust installed in a rat neural fiber (UC Berkeley News) Right: Duke university’s implant for rats to sense infrared light (Science Mag)
Left: Open BCI (Kickstarter) Center: EEG scanning areas (MDPI) Right: Muse EEG headband (Medium)
Left: AlterEgo voice type device (MIT Media Lab) Middle: Dreem Sleep Wearable (TechApple) Right: Neurable VR-BCI headset (VRScout)
Left: Current EEG testing procedure in hospitals (Medical News Today) Right: EEG Graph (Science News for Students)
Keyboard input through intent detection using P300 wave (Research Gate)
Muse 2, the EEG headband I helped design and develop last summer at Interaxon. It composes music based on the user’s mental state and other biometrics to provide real-time meditation feedback. I believe in turning these technologies into meaningful and beautiful products that have tangible and important use cases. (Muse)



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Simon Zirui Guo

Simon Zirui Guo

Accelerating Deep Tech | Robotics, Blockchain, Neurotech | EECS @UCBerkeley | Teaching @CalBlockchain, Director @BB_Xcelerator | prev @hax_co, @SOSV, @Interaxon